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Alberta Casino Advisors Incorporated (ACA) is a registered Gaming Worker Supplier that is licensed through Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC). We operate throughout the province with expertise and experience in all nineteen traditional casinos with three of our independent advisors having experience in host nations casinos as well.

The advisors we supply are independently registered by AGLC and are contracted by ACA to provide the regulated duties of Cash Cage Advisor and Count Room Advisor. The services you and your group require as a condition of your casino licence.


Our group of advisors are located throughout the province and provide advisor services to any casino in Alberta. When you choose Alberta Casino Advisors Incorporated you enter into a partnership of success. Success in meeting your fundraising and volunteer engagement goals plus success in operating a successful casino event.


The Government of Alberta, through AGLC, provide opportunities for qualified organizations to operate a casino event as a licensee in one of the nineteen traditional Alberta casinos. In exchange for two days of volunteer effort, your organization receives a large portion of the gaming proceeds.

AGLC has made the hiring of registered advisors a requirement for your casino licence. ACA and AGLC ensure that the advisors we supply are qualified and capable to carry out these duties. One benefit of hiring Alberta Casino Advisors Incorporated as a registered Gaming Worker Supplier for your advisor needs is to ensure you are covered in the event of illness or other life event that may cause a specific individual advisor to not be able to fulfill their duties. We have the depth and experience to cover all reasonable risk situations. The advisors listed on this site are only some of the advisors we have available and contract on a regular basis.

An additional benefit that your treasurer will love, is you have the ability to write a single cheque, so you no longer will the treasurer need to bring several cheques or bring blank signed cheques to the casino event.

Choose Alberta Casino Advisors Incorporated for a fun and rewarding casino event. When you and your volunteers have fun and feel needed they will volunteer over and over again making your recruiting job so much more effective. In addition, we have some exclusive online tools that make scheduling and registering volunteers easier.


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