Jeffrey Dawson - Dual Advisor

In additional to being owner and operator of Alberta Casino Advisors Incorporated, Jeff provides top-notch Cash Cage Advisor and Count Room Advisor services throughout the province. Having experience in every casino in the province, Jeff has a unique experience which adds benefit to your group in operating a successful casino event. Trained and registered as a Dual-Advisor; Jeff can provide Cash Cage Advisor and Count Room Advisor services to any organization conducting a licensed casino event. If you're not licensed yet - no fret - Jeff can help you prepare the paperwork in order to become licensed. Depending on your location - you may qualify for a licensed casino event in as little as 12 months with worse case scenario taking five years or more. Jeff would be pleased to assess your situation and give you a reasonable estimate on the wait time in your scenario.

​On a personal note, Jeff has two beautiful daughters and a step-son attending university and high school. His wonderful partner Beverly works in health care with Alberta Health Services. When  not assisting organizations with their casino events, Jeff likes to spend time with family and travel. Jeff volunteers for several organizations but don't worry though he has plenty of time to provide you the top-notch service you deserve.

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