Donald Ogden - Dual Advisor

Donald has over 20 years experience leading and motivating volunteers, creating a positive experience for each individual and the charity group. As an AGLC registered Casino Advisor Donald strives to meet all your expectations before, during, and after your Casino Event. Before your casino, he helps you prepare your paperwork with AGLC and in planning for your volunteers. During your two-day casino event, he focuses on a positive atmosphere and professional execution to keep volunteers engaged and set your charity up for future successful casino events. After your casino, there are additional processes for AGLC reconciliation where his experience as a Casino Chairperson for non-profits will assist you in your filings. Donald's job is to help and guide you every step of the way.


Calgary has been my home since the age of 6 months and he is proud to have worked with numerous charity organizations which make this community the best in the world. Donald chose Calgary to educate and raise his two adult sons. Alberta is a great place to work and play, and whenever he can get away to ski or hike in the mountains or travel through the prairie landscapes he is reminded of why this is home.


Donald looks forward to working with your group and supporting your revenue development so you can continue to enrich our community. Thank you for choosing me as your Casino Advisor.


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